Nordic Judo Championships Postponed

An annual tradition between regions has been nixed due to the recent coronavirus pandemic.

The Nordic Judo Championships, set to take place in Reykjavik, Iceland from April 25-26, has been postponed. The competition will now take place during the weekend of September 12-13. An event that celebrates togetherness in competition, those from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands normally come together for one goal.

This is just one of many events in the combat sports world that have been altered due to the virus. Judo has seen a number of events come and go as a result:

  • The IJF’s Throw To Tokyo competition. This was a direct result of the Olympics being postponed.
  • As a result of the Summer Games being moved to 2021, the IJF has expended the Olympic Qualification Period from May 25 to June 30.
  • The IJF halting all major events/competitions until at least April 30. Upcoming events were set to take place in Russia, Georgia and Turkey.
  • Originally set to take place March 6-8, the Judo Grand Prix in Rabat, Morocco has been cancelled.

There are sure to be more changes to the schedule of the judo world as time goes on.

There are over 15,000 cases of the coronavirus within the Nordic region, according to Statista. Iceland has over 1,220 cases.

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