Northcutt Still Healing From ONE Debut Loss

Sage Northcutt, meant to be the next big thing in the UFC, was supposed to shock the world when he signed with ONE Championship. Instead, the 23-year-old was brutally knocked out in 29 seconds by Cosmo Alexandre back in May’s Enter The Dragon event.

The loss ended a three-fight win streak for Northcutt (11-3), and his first loss via knockout. Following the bout, Northcutt went through a nine-hour surgery to fix eight fractures. Northcutt is still healing from the injuries he sustained from the fight.

In an interview with MMA Fighting,  Northcutt revealed that he still hasn’t been able to train in any way.

“It’s been taking a while to heal up,” Northcutt stated. “The main thing is my nerves in my face. When I had the injury with the breaks, they almost sliced the nerves all the way through, so my nerve feelings are coming back. I’m waiting for the doctors to give me the OK to come back, but as of now, I haven’t had any kind of MMA training for the last five or six months since my injury, since my fight.”

As of now, there is no planned date for his ONE return. Both he and ONE at one point didn’t think he would be able to fight again following the knockout. Thanks to the doctors who operated, however, Northcutt has an opportunity to return soon. When and where are the big questions being asked.

“I’m hoping it’s as soon as possible, because I’m super eager,” Northcutt continued. “All I’ve been able to do is eat as healthy as I can. Just now I’ve been able to start working out a little bit with some weights and trying to stay in shape.”

Northcutt has switched between welterweight and lightweight throughout his career. The UFC’s welterweight division can rank from 156 to 170 lbs. The upper limit for ONE’s division is 185.2 lbs, a huge step up in weight. ONE’s featherweight division is about 155, something that Northcutt feels much more comfortable at. He is hoping whenever he returns to competition, he stays at the weight that brought him success.

“Obviously I wish that my injury didn’t happen, and I wasn’t set back for five or six months without getting training and improving myself better,” Northcutt said. “I am going back down to 155, where I was undefeated,” Northcutt said. “I was 5-0 in the UFC previously at the weight class. I’ve been undefeated my whole career at that weight class, so I think that’s gonna help out. I was really in a weight class that was too big for me, 185, and I think that had part to do with it also.”

When Northcutt does return, he won’t be alone. ONE just recently signed his sister, Colbey. She is set to debut for the promotion on November 22 at ONE: Edge of Greatness in Singapore. Her opponent is currently unknown.

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