Northcutt To Risk Free Agency

While he was considered to be one of the UFC’s “golden boys,” Sage Northcutt told Ariel Helwani this week that he feels the he and other fighters are under-valued and that he’s looking to see what happens on the open market.

”I am a free agent, yes sir,” Northcutt said. “I’m not sure how it works, what my contract says or anything, but yes I am a free agent now and I know that going to other leagues like Bellator or ONE FC or whatever it may be, that guys or friends of mine, for example Rory MacDonald, people that fought for the UFC like Machida, they’re making double if not triple what they were making fighting for the UFC.”

”So I guess we’re gonna see what happens, but the difference is these guys are making more than what the guys are making fighting for the title in the UFC make. So I guess we’ll have to see and find out what happens.”

”I’m forever grateful to Dana White and the Fertittas who brought me into the UFC,” he said of prior UFC ownership. “So I count my blessings, so thankful to them.”

”I don’t want to say underpaid,” he said of his rate per fight. “The UFC and the sport of MMA, it’s not about just talent, which I wish it was. The hard work, the grind, the energy that you put into it and how you perform out there. It’s not just about that and you could be a top ten guy, but maybe fans don’t tune in and watch some of the top ten guys because they haven’t even heard the guy’s name.”

“Sometimes someone walks into a room and everyone gravitates to that person. I don’t know how that works, but the UFC is looking for that, the UFC is a business that banks not just on talent but also how many people want to watch you fight and entertain them.”

Transcription by: MMA Mania

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