NSAC Suspends All Combat Sports Events Until March 25

As sporting groups continue to halt action due to the coronavirus, combat sports such as boxing and MMA continue to schedule shows around the world. One of the premier spots to host an event in is Las Vegas. That may change due to a recent ruling by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Mike Coppinger of The Athletic originally posted on social media that the NSAC would suspend all events related to combat sports indefinitely. The ruling ended up being that all events are off until March 25.

No major events would be taking place in Nevada during that time. The NSAC then elaborated during its emergency meeting, stating the commission would revisit the issue on March 25 and decide what to do for the next few months.

After speaking with FOX’s Vince Sapienza, NSAC Director Bob Bennett stated the following:

“At our next commission meeting on March 25th, I will make a recommendation to the chairman and commissioners on all unarmed combat events in the state of Nevada, as to whether or not they should be suspended.”

The ruling at the next meeting could cut into boxing entities and the UFC’s plans. Dana White and top UFC brass were planning on moving UFC Columbus, scheduled for March 28 in Columbus, Ohio, to the APEX Center in Las Vegas. This came after Ohio’s governor banned a mass gathering in the area. While it is short notice considering the time, the UFC is hoping the ruling will be a positive outcome for them.

Along with UFC Columbus, the UFC has to deal with UFC 249, taking place in Brooklyn. A gathering is also not allowed in the New York area according to the governor. The UFC just had to deal with having an empty crowd in Brazil this past weekend, as they were the only major promotion to put on an event.

The California State Atheltic Commission also halted all major events from taking place within the area. Now, with eyes on them the next month, the NSAC will have to decide how to handle everything. It will all depend on if the coronavirus continues to spread.

“I’ve been in constant contact with a litany of doctors and medical professionals and am intimately familiar with all professional and amateur sports events being suspended at this point in time for an undetermined period,” Bennett stated to ESPN. “I will continue to collect information and speak with various medical experts and be prepared to provide the information to the chairman and commissioners on March 25.”

According to the latest from CNN, there have been over 142,320 cases of the coronavirus with over 5,388 deaths. Over 1,600 cases have been confirmed in the United States.

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