NSAC To Hold Judges’ Training On 10-8 Rounds After Grasso Vs. Shevchenko 2 Controversy

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NASC) has responded following the controversial split draw between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko at UFC Noche on Mexican Independence Day.

In an action-packed fight that went to the scorecards, judge Mike Bell’s scoring of a 10-8 final round in favor of Grasso ultimately proved key in the verdict. The two other judges had it 48-47 a piece in favor of each fighter, while Bell’s scorecard had it a draw at 47-47. The result meant that Grasso kept hold of her featherweight title, but this was not without its controversy.

In the aftermath, Shevchenko was adamant that she had done enough to win three rounds. Meanwhile, the social media response was divisive over the decision. The current ruling does outline what it takes for judges to score a 10-8 round, however, its implementation and enforcement does need some work.

“A score of 10–8 does not require a fighter to dominate their opponent for 5 minutes of a round. The score of 10–8 is utilized by the judge when the judge sees verifiable actions on the part of either fighter.

“Judges must CONSIDER giving the score of 10–8 when a fighter shows dominance in the round even though no impactful scoring against the opponent was achieved,” Ruling

As a result, the NASC has taken steps to educate judges on what is a 10-8 round. And according to MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, all official judges will attend a training session on September 20th, 2023, which will clarify the current rules.

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