Nunes: Rousey Was Overrated

After UFC 207, women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes unleashed her frustration with the promotional focus on Ronda Rousey. Nunes ran through the former champion in 48 seconds, so her complaints seemed justified. Now after the biggest win of her career, Nunes says she doesn’t get what all the Rousey hype was about in the first place.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Nunes admitted that she was perplexed during Rousey’s title reign as she watched a number of women fail miserably to expose the chinks in Rousey’s armor.

“I don’t know how Ronda Rousey went too far in this division,” Nunes said. “Honestly, I don’t understand why those girls lost to Ronda Rousey. I know since my first fight in the UFC I can beat Ronda Rousey, but of course I have to take my time and put everything together. That day was the day to prove to everybody and I did it.”

Amanda Nunes did not simply prove that she had what it took to beat Rousey (Nunes entered the contest as the underdog, despite holding the belt), she made Rousey look like a novice. While Holly Holm had defeated Rousey with brilliant evasive footwork and stinging counters before finding her ultimate killshot, Nunes hunted Rousey down from the opening bell.

There is a strong likelihood that Nunes retired Rousey with the 48-second beatdown. It was evident from the beginning that Rousey’s striking skills had not made a markable improvement since her loss to Holm, and Nunes is the most devastating puncher in the division.

Rousey has taken heat since the loss, particularly as a result of how she handled it in the buildup and aftermath, but she remains a pioneer of women’s MMA and one of the sport’s most important stars. According to Nunes, however, Rousey does not deserve to go down as the greatest female fighter ever.

“Yes, for sure [Rousey is overrated]. The UFC [made] this happen. They put her in a place where she’s not at. But I know I can beat Ronda Rousey since I saw her first fight.”

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