NY Athletic Commission To Decide Garcia’s Fate After Failed VADA Tests

The New York State Athletic Commission will determine Ryan Garcia’s fate this week following his failed VADA tests. 

Garcia tested positive for Ostarine after the Devin Haney win. The B sample also returned positive, as his win could be overturned. Garcia denies taking anything intentionally. He has taken steps to try and prove his innocence. His fair follicle test was negative, while his supplements showed Ostarine.

However, Garcia needed supplements from the same lot number to show contamination from supplements. Garcia is also subject to strict liability, meaning he is responsible for what is in his body. Haney’s attorney demanded that Garcia be disqualified, giving Haney the win.

Amir Khan received a two-year ban after testing positive for Ostarine. He had a smaller amount in his system than Garcia. While his defense of unintentional usage was accepted, he was still banned, leaving Garcia in a difficult position. Ryan has also not helped himself with his conduct.

He bashed Caleb Plant’s wife on social media, and Plant responded by throwing a drink at him at the Gervonta Davis vs Frank Martin fight. Garcia was also arrested for vandalism over a reported $15,000 worth of property at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. He was previously away from the sport after beating Luke Campbell with mental health concerns. The outcome of this ruling could equally set Ryan back.


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