NYSAC Reduces Redkach’s Punishment

It is known that the New York State Athletic Commission can give out punishments in the cruelest of ways. It is just how the system has worked over the years. Whether justified or not, the organization hasn’t really been so remorseful. This time, however, a change of heart appears to have taken place.

The commission announced it will be reducing the sentence it placed on Ivan Redkach back in January.

In Redkach’s (23-5-1, 1NC) bout against Danny Garcia inside the Barclays Center, in which the former lost via unanimous decision, “El Terrible” was accused of biting Garcia (36-2). While the referee didn’t see the infraction, it has attempted to be shown on video. As a result, the NYSAC fined Redkach a total of $10,000, suspended his boxing license and forced him to forfeit his entire purse. The total number of the latter was considered to be $300,000. It was a loss greater than the one he had against Garcia.

Threatening legal action, Redkach’s team has come to an agreement with the NYSAC to amend the ruling. Speaking to RingTV, the NYSAC stated that Redkach will receive a six-month suspension and will be fined the initial $10,000. His will receive his entire purse. Attorney David Berlin represented Redkach.

With no concrete evidence that Redkach bit Garcia, the NYSAC was getting critiqued on all fronts. Garcia’s team believes he was bit, while Redkach and his team see it another way.

“I did not bite Danny,” Redkach explained to The Ring. “This is the fact. Danny was smiling after my “bite.” Do you really think Danny could smile if I bit him?”

Unlike what they saw with Redkach, after some persuading, the NYSAC have let loose on their grip, if only for a moment.

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