Oliveira Wanted by Police for Domestic Violence

UFC fighter Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira is being accused of domestic violence and is on the run from police, according to Portuguese media outlet G1.

According to Oliveira’s ex-wife, she had custody of their five-month-son when the UFC fighter allegedly arrived drunk and demanded he take the baby for a ride on her motorcycle. When she refused, Oliveira allegedly pulled her hair and punched her, while also breaking glass and a door.

Oliveira then managed to take the child and rode off on the bike. The baby was not wearing a helmet.

Oliveira left the baby with his sister before fleeing police.

This is reportedly the second incident Oliveira had within the last 24 hours. Earlier in the day, he allegedly made threats to a security guard while leaving a party on Capri Island.

Original Story: G1

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