Olympic Committee Puts USA Judo On 6 Month Probation

USA Judo has been notified by the USOC Hearing Panel of its decision on the Section 10 complaint filed by one of our members. The Board of Directors of USA Judo would like to thank the members of the Hearing Panel for their diligence in this matter.  While the Hearing Panel acknowledged that USA Judo is compliant with many of its obligations under the Sports Act and the USOC Bylaws, and recognized the efforts of USA Judo leadership to address financial and managerial challenges, the Hearing Panel concluded that there is additional work to be done and improvements to be made by USA Judo when the Panel recommended that USA Judo have a 6 month probationary period of time to demonstrate further progress, success and compliance. USA Judo accepts the Hearing Panel’s recommendations and is committed to continuing its work with the USOC to identify and implement change where change is necessary and appropriate. We are confident that given the many improvements USA Judo has made over the last 16 months since this complaint first surfaced, that at the end of this six month period the USOC Hearing Panel will find that USA Judo has met or exceeded all its expectations.

Now that the hearing process is over and there is clarity as to how the USOC Hearing Panel wants USA Judo to address financial and managerial issues, let us place all of renewed focus and energy in continuing the support that USA Judo has given our athletes in helping them win medals in Rio. We have less than 7 months until the 2016 Olympic Games, let us concentrate on ensuring our athletes have all that they need to represent the United States well on the tatami and cheer them unto the Olympic Medal podium.


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