O’Malley Unhappy With McGregor’s Dig

Sean O’Malley, the UFC Bantamweight Champion, was unhappy with Conor McGregor’s dig towards him.

McGregor went on a social media rant following Ryan Garcia’s win over Devin Haney, which has been clouded by his failed VADA test for Ostarine. Garcia maintained he was innocent, denying that he had any intention of using PEDS. The Notorious lashed out at Garcia, whom he had previously been on good terms with.

McGregor visited Garcia in the locker room following his loss to Gervonta Davis. He backed Garcia to come back stronger, saying he wanted to see the fight again at 140 without a rehydration clause. Once the news of Garcia’s failed test came out, McGregor distanced himself from Ryan, also bringing up O’Malley’s previous failed test for Ostarine. The Irishman then suggested a fight between Garcia and O’Malley while also challenging Suga to a sparring session.

“Cheated the weight and was juiced, lifetime ban. Sad to see, sad to say. Sad and a bit sick. Don’t come near me if I see you ever Ryan Garcia. I am actually disgusted. This Ostarine it reminds me of Sean O’Malley was on that as well. I don’t like this, I’ll bust yous both up, do yous want a spar I will set flights right now for you both for a full on spar each.

“Hotel, black forge inn the lot. #letssparomalley and #garcia two little ostarine heads…What do you think you are at? If I was Haney’s dad you’re dead no matter what for doing that. Crazy…You little fool. Get your head together cos I gonna smash it in with elbows if you don’t. Fair play Devin well done. Your performance has just become even more heroic! Bravo,” McGregor stated

Suga has now hit back at those comments, as things got personal.

“F*** Conor, man. I’ve seen a lot of people being like ‘Damn, I bet Suga’s sad, he always talks nothing but great about Conor, he’s his f***** idol’,” “He just went on a little tweet rant, f**** booger sugared up, talking s***…I was more sad than mad. Now I cannot wait to see Michael Chandler absolutely just sleep him. I’m turning up, I’m changing up real quick. F*** Conor,” O’Malley added

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