ONE Championship Faces Backlash Over Low Compensation Practices

ONE Championship is facing backlash on social media after the release of a controversial fighter contract. Despite its success in organizing battles across various disciplines, ONE Championship has been criticized for some of the statements made by its CEO, Chatri Sityodtong. However, many fans still appreciate the thrilling shows the company puts on.

The outrage centers around the compensation of fighter Anelya Toktogonova, who is set to receive a mere $1,300 to compete and an additional $1,300 if she wins, in her upcoming fight against Aleksandra Savicheva. While it’s unfortunate that many fighters in Thailand are not compensated fairly, this specific contract has sparked widespread outrage.

One of the biggest issues is that ONE Championship is positioning itself to compete against the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), who have also faced criticism over their fighter compensation practices. Such low payouts could add fuel to the fire of Dana White’s earlier comments on the topic.

It’s no secret that MMA has a huge fan base in America, and with ONE Championship entering the scene, there’s even more excitement around the sport. However, contracts like these could turn off American fans who are used to seeing fighters receive much larger payouts, especially in the UFC.

In conclusion, while ONE Championship has made a name for itself in the MMA world, it’s crucial for the company to consider the impact of its fighter compensation practices on its reputation and fan base, particularly in the lucrative American market.

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