ONE Championship Fighter Holzken Goes Eco-Friendly

Nieky Holzken Takes Steps To Secure His Future When He's Done Fighting.

Dutch super middleweight Muay Thai fighter,  kickboxer and professional boxer currently signed to ONE Championship, Nieky ‘The Natural’ Holzken recently opened up his own car dealership.

The news was first reported by‘s Sean van Dinter.

Holzken boasts an impressive fight record with 15 professional boxing fights with only one loss. 11 of the fights ended via knockout!

In Kickboxing ‘The Natural’ has racked up 112 fights with an impressive 94 wins – 47 by knockout. He has lost 17 times – 5 by KO – one fight ended as a ‘No Contest’.

Nieky Holzken Cars - merged picture of Holzken fighting and standing next to a hybrid car.
Nieky Holzken Cars.                                                                                                                                Photo credit: Vechtsportinfo.


Holzken’s company focuses on hybrid and electric cars only, as he feels this is what the market wants these days.

His father in law and current trainer, Sjef Weber, is also a car dealer, and Holzken didn’t want to become a direct competitor, so the choice to go eco-friendly was easy.

Currently Nieky Holzken Cars has no website, so the cars are displayed at his Instagram page, and all sales are done from his home in Helmond, Brabant, Holland.

“Nieky is not done fighting yet, says Weber. We still have five more fights on contract with ONE Championship – two of which are supposed to be this year. And since it’s already September, we are hoping that ONE will speed things up a bit.

Holzken’s last fight was at the MEGA event ONE X on March 26th 2022 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium where he faced the tough Thai Sinsamut Klinmee. ‘The Natural’ suffered a nasty knockout in round 2.

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