Ongoing UFC Fighter Compensation Fire Fueled By News Of Tyson Fury’s Recent Earnings Versus Jon Jones’ Leaked Upcoming Pay

UFC fighter pay has been an ongoing topic of discussion for the last few years, and with the news of Tyson Fury’s recent payout following the loss of his heavyweight boxing title to Oleksandr Usyk, even more questions are being asked.

One of these questions brought upon an earnings comparison between UFC heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Fury. Of course, boxing has always been more lucrative than MMA for fighters at the top level of the sports, but the numbers revealed still registered as shocking news to some.


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While many were outraged by the differences in pay among the heavyweight championship level competitors of the two sports, what some seem to forget is that these are two extremely different businesses. Although Jon Jones does quite well in PPV numbers generated for the UFC, the global fan base of Tyson Fury is much larger, and in actuality it should not be a surprise that the pay is vastly different.

That being said, there is no doubt that some UFC fighters deserve to get paid more, but comparing the pay with a completely different sport should just not even be part of the conversation.

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