Ortiz Furious With Promoter’s Handling Of AJ Talks

Luis Ortiz is not happy, not because of an alleged “lowball” offer by Eddie Hearn, but how his team has bungled negotiations with Hearn for a fight with Anthony Joshua on June 1st.

In an interview with Ortiz’ trainer, Herman Caicedo admitted that: “everything about the way all of this was handled, was a mess… It’s how it played out and is what it is. Everyone had a little truth in everything that’s been said and a lot of things that aren’t quite true.”

Things went south in a hurry, however, when those representing Ortiz in negotiations—Dade Promotions and manager Jay Jimenez—not only overplayed their hand, but failed to properly consult with Ortiz and his training team. A reported offer of $5 million—a figure which Hearn has publicly disputed—was deemed as insulting by Ortiz’s promoter.

“So I’m reading that Luis was on “holiday” (vacation), that Jay initially told Eddie that Luis wasn’t ready, which I don’t know he would,” Caicedo told Boxing Scene following comments by Ortiz’ promoter Jorge Carmenate that Joshua’s promoter was looking to “bully” him into taking a bad deal. “Unless a vacation for Luis means spending time in a different part of the gym, I don’t know where anyone got that information from. His kids are in school, where the hell is he gonna go by himself?

“The only time he took off is when I had to force him to take a stay-cation around Easter, when his kids had a break from school. Even then, he was still at the track every morning like he always is. He’s still jumping rope every day. He’s always training and he’s always ready for a fight. For Joshua, sure we’d love an 8-12 week camp, but we could get ready in five if the fight was signed today.”

“An opportunity like this to make whatever Eddie is offering – $7-8 million – you grab it,” Caicedo notes. I think it was a rookie mistake on their part to not accept the fight. Luis is still pissed off. He found out when everyone else found out.

“But having said that, Eddie offering it and then putting it in writing are two different things. I personally believe that we would’ve seen an upside-down contract just to stall and renegotiate. Most fighters won’t take a fight until they have a signed contract. There’s a lot of things you can do with a contract to not make a fight happen.”

“I’m upset they didn’t consult me more than they did and that they didn’t take my opinion to heart,” admits Caicedo of Ortiz’ Dade Promotions team. “I’m around Luis every day. If we’re saying ‘We’re ready, take the money and the fight,’ you accept the f*****’ offer and make Eddie show you a contract saying it’s real.

“For now, we will continue training because we are always in the gym. Hopefully Wilder does his job against Dominic Breazeale (on May 18) and we get the rematch later this year. But let me be clear—and this is Luis’ exact place on this (subject)—if Eddie shows us a real contract with no games, we will gladly take that fight, whether June 1 or after that.”

Report: Boxing Scene

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