Ortiz-Liddell Rivalry Gets 30-For-30

The story of Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell is one of MMA’s greatest rivalries and most interesting stories, so much so that it will be the first major UFC story to be featured as a full 30-for-30.

“As individuals, Chuck and Tito each took turns being the face of the UFC,” said the film’s director Micah Brown. “As rivals, they were the most lucrative matchup in MMA history at that time. This film is important not only to celebrate their tremendous careers, but also to explore the psychology behind why fighters fight, and how those contrasting perspectives impacted them as individuals. And, more than that, ‘Chuck & Tito’ is about identity, friendship, and the cost of chasing your dream.”

The film is slated to follow Ortiz and Liddell’s path from teammates, to their fights at UFC 47 and 66, and their panned rematch for Golden Boy MMA last year.

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