Oscar Collazo Becomes Fastest Puerto Rican To Win A World Title

Oscar Collazo defied all odds to beat Melvin Jerusalem at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California

This unforgettable victory catapulted Collazo into the history books as the fastest Puerto Rican boxer to claim a world championship title in just his seventh professional match.

Jerusalem entered the ring as the reigning WBO 105-pound champion, having claimed the title in an emphatic victory over Masataka Taniguchi.

And so it showed, as Jerusalem’s left-right combination towards the end of the opening round momentarily caught Collazo off guard, showcasing the reigning champion’s prowess.

However, Collazo quickly adapted. In the fourth round, a powerful left to Jerusalem’s body showcased his unwavering determination.

Collazo’s relentless pressure forced Jerusalem into an ineffective fighting stance, increasing the Puerto Rican boxer’s control over the match.

In the sixth round, a powerful straight left from Collazo sent Jerusalem sprawling backwards, showcasing the Puerto Rican boxer’s remarkable strength and precision.

Collazo’s relentless assault on Jerusalem’s body proved to be a strategic masterstroke, limiting Jerusalem’s offensive capabilities.

The pivotal moment arrived in the seventh round when Collazo unleashed a thunderous right hook that landed squarely on Jerusalem’s chin.

Despite displaying incredible resilience, Jerusalem found himself battered and injured, leading him to make the difficult decision not to continue the fight.

With 1:45 remaining in the round, Jerusalem dropped to his knees, grasping his gloves, signaling his surrender.

Referee Ray Corona, recognizing the severity of the situation, officially declared Collazo as the new champion.

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