Oscar De La Hoya Happy His Fight Against Vitor Belfort Never Happened

Oscar De La Hoya (39-6) is happy that his fight against Vitor Belfort (1-0) never went through in 2021. After a lot of rumors circulating about a fight between the duo, it never materialized.

The battle was set to take place in September 2021. However, the fight was canceled very soon and there were no further announcements related to it. Recently, De La Hoya was interviewed about the canceled fight against the Brazilian.

De La Hoya believes that there were no problems from either of us in the buildup of that match, but the fight got canceled as he caught COVID-19.

“Many people are thinking that one of the fighters influenced this decision [of cancelation]. However, it is not true. I had physical problems one week before the fight as I got COVID. Once the test was positive, I was shattered and destroyed from the inside,” De La Hoya stated.

“I was extremely disappointed because you train to be in matches like this. I consider boxing my comfort zone. So, it was a great blow for me and it had an impact on me mentally,” De La Hoya added.

“However, looking back, I am happy that the fight didn’t happen. Who knows what would have happened to either one of us after one wrong punch?,” De La Hoya concluded.

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