Oscar De La Hoya: Ryan Garcia Is On A Higher Level Than Devin Haney

Oscar De La Hoya says that despite having a world title, Devin Haney isn’t on Ryan Garcia’s level.

Garcia is the interim WBC Lightweight Champion. Haney holds the main WBC gold. While Garcia had a mandate to challenge Haney, instead “KingRy” will be taking on mandatory challenger Javier Fortuna. Haney’s next outing will be against Jorge Linares.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s The Ak & Barak Show, De La Hoya said he feels Garcia’s skill level surpasses Haney’s (via BoxingScene.com).

“With Haney, look, I respect Haney. I love Haney. He’s an amazing fighter. I respect every man that steps into the ring – and women. But Haney has to build up his profile. He has to build up his resume. You know, he has to fight somebody that has a chance to beat him. You know?

“Just like Ryan Garcia facing [Luke] Campbell and facing [Javier] Fortuna now, in his next fight, so that’s the way you can build and make big fights. I mean, Ryan right now, because of his popularity and because of who he’s fought, he’s actually on a different level than Haney – believe it or not, without a world title.”

Garcia and Haney have fought in the amateurs. Haney has claimed to have won every single amateur bout.

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