Oscar De La Hoya Won’t Have A Comeback Fight

Oscar De La Hoya said he wants to cover the hole that retirement has left him, but it probably won’t happen anymore.

De La Hoya was supposed to return to the ring in 2021 against former UFC heavyweight Vitor Belfort after 13 years of retirement, but contracting Covid-19 immediately derailed those plans. Now, he doesn’t think he’ll return to the ring at all.

“I can’t imagine myself in the ring anymore. I’m hanging up the gloves for sure and calling it a day,” De La Hoya told Boxing Scene.

“It’s not likely [I will fight again]. I’m not feeling it. I went through so much in training. I was on it. When I trained, I left everything and my focus was 100%. It just drained me. I couldn’t handle it. Once I got COVID, I still have problems breathing when I’m running.”

De La Hoya was hospitalized for Covid, but was able to recover days before the Belfort fight. But former heavyweight world champion Evander Holyfield had already replaced him.

Belfort was victorious in that fight.

De La Hoya still has a foot in the boxing scene, however.

He established his promotion company “Golden Boy Promotions” in 2002. It plays off his well-known nickname, “Golden Boy.”

De La Hoya finished his 16-year career with 39 wins, 30 knockouts and just six losses. In the midst of that, he captured 11 world titles.

His career ended with a loss to Manny Pacquiao in 2008.

“You try to convince yourself that life is going to get better [after retirement]. Once you’re retired and not doing what you love, there’s a big hole. Boxing creates the hole, but boxing can cover the hole. I owe everything to boxing, including my life,” he added.

“My legacy is already established, and I’m proud of it.”

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