Ostovich’s Estranged Husband Pleads No-Contest

On Thursday, MMA fighter Arnold Berdon plead no contest to second-degree assault, a felony in Hawaii.

Berdon was charged due to an incident of domestic violence focused on his then-wife UFC star, Rachael Ostovich, who suffered a fractured orbital bone by repeatedly punching her in the face and ribs.

The no-contest plea means that Berdon will not contest the case, but does not admit guilt for the alleged crime. A no contest plea also is considered a conviction, and will see Berdon be sentenced on May 16th. Ostovich’s estranged husband can face five years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine.

Ostovich, 28, obtained a restraining order against Berdon in December that runs through 2038, and filed for divorce.


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