Outrage Over Davis Vs. Garcia Scorecards – ‘Judges Killing The Sport’

Although Gervonta Davis secured a knockout victory against Ryan Garcia, the judges’ scorecards threw up a lot of controversy.

Davis had been dominating the fight prior to the seventh-round stoppage, as shown through a second-round knockdown, as Tank’s counter-left caught Garcia unaware.

While that may have been the case, neither judge scored it as a 10-8 round. Instead, two of the judges scored it at 10-9 apiece, while the other had it at 10-10.

Fortunately, that did not have an impact on the outcome of the fight since Davis had been leading on all three scorecards before the stoppage: 58-56, 59-56, 59-55.

However, if Garcia had managed to work his way back into the bout, then who knows what could have happened had it gone to the judges.

After all, there was a lot on the line which is why a rematch may have been in boxing’s best interests to generate more eyes on the event.

With that being said, the social media response was one of mass concern, as people called out the lack of consistency in the scoring.

Social Media Reaction

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