Pacquiao Tells Son Not To Box

Manny Pacquiao rose to fame and fortune through the sport of boxing, but on Wednesday he told reporters that he does not want his son to fight.

The Filipino Senator spoke with ABS-CBN this week about a heart to heart he had with his eldest son, 19 year old Emmanuel Jr.

“It pains me that he is boxing because I know how hard it is. I told him, ‘Daddy only went into boxing because of poverty… You, you don’t need to box’,” Pacquiao said.

“But he said: ‘Daddy, like you boxing is my passion also. I want to be a representative of this country as an athlete’,” Pacquiao added.

Pacquiao spoke on the matter following sparring footage of his son was uploaded to Facebook and in the YouTube video seen before.

“His mommy had cried several times telling him, ‘Don’t go into boxing, son’,” Pacquiao said of his wife, Jinkee, who had also urged the 40-year-old boxer to retire.

“He really wants to do it.

Pacquiao Jr began boxing shortly before the end of 2018, while his father was training for his unanimous decision win over Adrien Broner in January.

Quotes Via France 24

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