Paddy Pimblett Sidelined Due To Ankle Injury, Return Date Unclear

He is coming off of a controversial win against Jared Gordon.

Paddy Pimblett, a lightweight prospect for the UFC, won’t be fighting anytime soon. 

Since his fight at UFC 282 in December with Jared Gordon, “The Baddy” has been sidelined. Despite being the clear favorite to defeat “Flash,” Pimblett had several difficulties. Gordon appeared to be in charge for the most of the battle. 

However, that evening’s unanimous decision went in favor of the Scouser, who improved to 4-0 in the octagon. The verdict was criticized as being among the worst in recent memory, and judge Douglas Crosby received a lot of flak for it.  

Joe Rogan and others have also expressed their disagreement with Pimblett’s victory. 

Fighters like Terrance McKinney and Ilia Topuria have made callouts to him, but Pimblett hasn’t mentioned making a comeback since his controversial win.  

Fans were hopeful Pimblett will be added to UFC 286 in March, which will take place in the UK. 

But those plans have since collapsed.  

In a video that was posted on his YouTube page, Pimblett described going to the doctor. He learned there that he injured his ankle and that surgery would be necessary in March. 

“It looks like you have a small amount of cartilage lost in this bit,” stated Pimblett’s doctor during the YouTube video.  

“That’s exactly where you’re sore. The other thing you’ve got is all this white stuff here, that’s all fluid. So, that’s what the swelling is. When we look at the ligaments that join your fibula, so you’ve probably got what we call a grade 2 injury to that.” 

Paddy Pimblett stated in the YouTube video that the injury happened during the first kick he delivered during their UFC 282 matchup against Gordon. The precise date of his return is not yet known. 

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