Paddy Pimblett Vs. Logan Paul: A Potential Showdown In The UFC?

Paddy Pimblett, a rising star in the UFC’s lightweight division, has caught the attention of American fight fans with his undefeated streak in the organization. After a close decision victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282, Pimblett is just a few wins away from securing a ranking slot and cementing his status as one of the UFC’s most promising fighters.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul, the social media sensation turned boxer and professional wrestler, has recently teamed up with the UFC to promote his sports drink, Prime. Paul has also expressed interest in a potential matchup with Pimblett during a conversation with Dana White on the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast. Despite not having a background in MMA, Dana White was not opposed to the idea of signing Paul to the organization.

During a press conference last year, Paddy responded with aggressive confidence.

While Pimblett initially praised Paul’s fighting announcements, he has since grown irritated with the idea of facing him in the Octagon, especially considering Paul’s possible use of performance-enhancing drugs.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Pimblett discussed the possibility of a future battle with Paul, showing no fear in the face of the social media star’s challenge. With the pair each possessing a massive following, a potential matchup between the two would undoubtedly be huge for the organization.

“It’s mad. He called me a clout-chaser years ago, and then he’s clout-chasing me all the time, know what I mean?” Pimblett said. “Mentioning my name all the time. So, if he ever wants to fight in the UFC, lad, he’s more than welcome. I’ll be there waiting for him. He can just get his weight down a bit, come off the steroids, and we’ll fight.”

To add to the friction, Pimblett released a video calling out Paul and KSI for the lackluster health benefits of their ‘Prime Hydration’ drink when compared to his ‘Body Fuel’.

Logan Paul responded by threatening to sue Pimblett for the remarks in his video.

Logan Paul’s desire to face Paddy Pimblett in the UFC has been no secret. When asked about his preferred opponent in the promotion, Paul didn’t hesitate to name the rising star. While the two have shown no real hostility towards each other, a potential fight could change things.

Paul’s last fight was against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in June 2021, and he has not competed since. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he has used steroids, his brother Jake has faced accusations of using them in his professional boxing career.

Last year, Jake challenged Pimblett to a sparring match and even offered him a whopping $1 million to travel abroad and fight him. However, nothing ever materialized.

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