Parker: ‘Ruiz Ripped My Mouth’

Joseph Parker (21-0, 18 KOs) and WBO #3 Andy Ruiz (29-0, 19 KOs), who are in negotiations to fight in December or early 2017, were in three sparring sessions in 2013 and it was revealed that in the during one Ruiz dazed and cut Parker.

Joseph Parker: “I remember when I sparred him in 2013, he had a lot of power. I was saying to someone else, he was the only one who punched me, the hardest I’ve ever been punched before and ripped my mouth. I couldn’t eat for about three days so I know he’s got a lot of power, and he’s got a lot of experience. But I know if I have a great training camp, I know I will beat anyone in the world.”

Andy Ruiz: “I was kind of surprised because it didn’t seem like he was really hurt in the sparring. The first time we sparred there were some good exchanges. He’s pretty fast and he likes to throw combinations as well. We were both exchanging and I guess I got there first. I kind of dazed him. I rocked him pretty good.”

 The WBO is discussing the way forward at their current convention.

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