Parry Talks How Beef with Jones Started

Just like how the man he once helped train for a bout with Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, hasn’t lost any intensity to his beef with Jones, kickboxer-turned-MMA fighter Chi-Lewis Parry’s feud with Jones has not slowed down either.

Lewis-Parry recently joined Submission Radio to discuss his feud with Jones, which goes back to the build-up for the first Jones-Cormier bout at UFC 182 at the start of 2015. According to Lewis-Parry, Jones cussed at him in a parking lot run-in, with Parry claiming Jones told him he’d “[expletive] him up.”

Things have gotten more personal, according to the kicker, because Jones would send him private messages, block him and then unblock him to send more.

“It was personal because the guy had been sending me messages all over the last couple of years, sending me these DM’s in the middle of the night,” Lewis-Parry said. “Dude, honestly, this guy, do you know what? I didn’t even post the stuff that he said because people don’t need to see that. People don’t need to see how disgusting he is. If people can’t see it without me posting Twitter messages and stuff like that, then you deserve to have him as your idol and your champion, because you’re blind.

“It’s so childish. But I just said,’ Whatever, and when I see you, I’ll talk to you.’ I saw him. I went over there. And I was very mindful of where I was. There [were] kids around. I was never going to go over there and start swinging punches and that sort of stuff. But you know what, I confronted the guy. I confronted him, and I tickled his beard, and that was that. I win. I win.”

The most recent confrontation between the pair occurred at a BodyPowerUK event in May, where Lewis-Parry had to be held back by security while going on a verbal tirade at Jones.

“One thing I want to make clear: I didn’t have a run-in with him at the BodyPower Expo; I went to look for him,” Lewis-Parry said. “So, it wasn’t like we just happened to cross paths. I was there doing something for one of my sponsors, and someone said, ‘Oh, did you know Jon’s here?’ And I was like, ‘You know what, the last time I saw you, you tried to run up on me, so now I’m going to return the favor.’ That’s what that was. It wasn’t that I was looking for clout, or I was trying to challenge him or get my name out there. It was none of that.”

Lewis-Parry says that he originally wanted to leave the beef for Jones to Cormier, but now things between himself and Jones are too personal. Lewis-Parry adds that while he admits Jones is the better MMA fighter, things would be a lot different if the two of them solely exchanged strikes and kickboxed.

Jon has got an ego. This is the thing, he has a massive ego. And he says it himself in every fight. He doesn’t want to take people down if they’re strikers; he wants to beat them at their game. So, if that’s true, and he stood with me, I would destroy him. He could not stand with me. He’s got no power.

“I’m not delusional and saying that I’m a better MMA fighter, because I’m not,” Lewis-Parry added. “Definitely not. He can wrestle; he’s a great grappler. If the fight went to the ground, he’d probably have to fight there. That’s just me being honest. It’s not delusional. If he boxed with me, he’d die. If he kickboxed with me, he’d die.

So, his ego — and as far as I’m concerned, if he went to take me down, he’s lost. He’d know it himself that he lost. So, if he took me down and worked for three minutes and got an Americana or whatever, he’s lost. He might have won on the official scorecard or whatever, but he has lost the battle, because he couldn’t beat me where I was strong. And that’s just how I see it.

Original Story: MMAJunkie

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