Patricio Freire Happy Michael Chandler Signed With UFC

Bellator Featherweight Champion Patricio Freire has reacted to Michael Chandler’s signing with UFC.

Freire and Chandler had a heated rivalry under the Bellator banner. It led to a lightweight title between the two. At the time, Chandler was the champion. Freire ended up scoring the TKO finish in the first round.

While Freire and Chandler had intense words for one another, things appear to have simmered down. Chandler is now a member of the UFC roster and he awaits his promotional debut. Freire, who is a Bellator “champ-champ” is set to put his featherweight gold on the line against Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 252.

Freire recently responded to Chandler’s signing with the UFC and he had the following to say (via

“It’s great for Chandler,” Patricio said through his interpreter and coach, Eric Albarracin. “He can beat all those guys. He’s a great fighter, and he has the right tools to beat all those guys over there (in the UFC).

“And to tell you the truth, that’s the only way to see who’s the best in the world in each weight class is to have cross-promotion fights, because then there’s no guessing who’s better or that you have to be in a certain organization to see who’s the best. I’m ready to show that I’m the best in MMA, not only in one promotion, and I’m willing to prove that at any moment.”

Freire has long been calling for cross-promotion bouts against top UFC fighters. In particular, he has been clamoring for a matchup against UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski.

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