Patricio Freire’s Competitive Drive Led To His Success In MMA

One of the most fiercest competitions in all of MMA, Patricio Freire’s no-nonsense attitude has helped him dominate from the Bellator cage. The current Bellator Featherweight and Lightweight World Champion, “Pitbull” has ten wins via knockout and 11 via submission. While it can make fun fights, not every one needs to be personal.

“Sometimes it happens, to be personal, it is the life,” Freire stated to FIGHT SPORTS during the Bellator All-Star Press Conference in New York City.


Freire (30-4) is set to face off against Pedro Carvalho at Bellaror 241 on March 13. Inside the Mohegan Sun Arena, Patricio will put his Flyweight Title on the line in a quarter-final bout of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix. He chose Carvalho (11-3) not only because he is on a six-fight win streak (4-0 in Bellator), but because of where he trains at.

The Pitbull v. SBG Ireland rivalry has grown exponentially the past few months. His brother, Patricky, is set to face another SBG member in Peter Queally in October. Why the animosity?

According to Leandro Higo through Eric Albarracin, it all started with a tweet towards James Gallagher which was ignored, until Freire got involved. Now, the battle lines have been drawn and tensions continue to rise. Patricio will look to win one part of the battle, and with Higo on the same card as him this Friday, things can get extremely interesting.


As far as his career goes, “Pitbull” has been with Bellator since 2010. A man who holds the records for most wins (18) and finished (11) in Bellator history, among others, Freire has fought a who’s who of fighters. From Pat Curran to Daniel Weichel to Emmanuel Sanchez, the two-time Featherweight Champion is a decorated athlete.

Is there anything else for him to accomplish? Winning the Featherweight Grand Prix could help his cause. When reflecting on his career, Freire has no regrets.

“A lot of things happened in this moment. I’m very grateful for that. I became champion, then I became the champ-champ, my brother fights here, I have several guys from my gym fighting here and I am very thankful for that. I love USA.”

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