Paul Eyes Victory And To Streak At Super Bowl

While Jake Paul is set for his pro boxing debut on Thursday night, but following his brother Logan’s controversial loss to KSI at the end of 2019, the YouTuber claimed there was an under the table deal.

“I said boxing is rigged because of a lot of other reasons,” Paul told Boxing Scene. “If there is a huge fight on the line, and it can sway how much millions of dollars are made in the sport, and if it goes to the judges, the judges are going to be in favor of the guy who’s making the sport millions and millions of dollars. That’s just how it is … I’m the A-side, contractually. I’ll always be the A-side.”

“This fight is about showing the world whatever you throw at me, whatever you want to say about me, push me down with or label me as, I’m going to overcome and be better than that,” said Paul who fights gamer AnEsonGib on a DAZN streamed card from the Island Gardens. “This isn’t a one-off stunt. I’m in love with the sport of boxing. I caught the boxing bug. I want to keep on fighting. I have a target list of people I want to fight, and I’m going to knock them out one by one.”

“Shane Mosley is teaching me how to be a f—— champion. He’s like Yoda, and he’s showing me the f—— way. [The hardest part about being a boxer] is not being able to party … There are no clubs in Big Bear. Coming from a lifestyle where, like, partying is such a thing, being a YouTuber, being an actor, being in the Hollywood nightlife scene, celebrities everywhere … the hardest part is putting the fun aside. I have access to a lot of fun.”

“Give it a chance,” Paul said of his fight on the undercard of Demetrius Andrade’s WBO middleweight title defense against Luke Keeler. “We’re putting in the work. We respect the sport of boxing. We love the sport. I’m a boxing fan. I understand why people would be skeptical. I would be too. I would want to protect the sport. It’s an honor to be on the card with world champions. I’m so grateful.”

“I’ve been a huge football fan my whole life,” said Paul as he prepares to fight on Super Bowl week.

“I’m going to get that win on Super Bowl weekend and then go streak down the field.”

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