Paul-KSI May Be Most Watched Fight Of 2019

On Saturday, YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul began the promotional machine for the rematch of their 2018 amateur fight, as both fighters will make their pro debut on November 9th on DAZN.

“I think it’s up to 10 million people have watched the press conference now,” Hearn said of Saturday’s event outside of the Staples Center to Sky Sports. “This fight is probably going to be the most-watched fight of the year.”

“It is crazy, but they are at least respecting the code. They’ve turned pro, no head guards, 10 ounce gloves. I don’t think they know what they have let themselves in for on that one.”

“No headgear, 10oz gloves. You made me wear headgear last year – not anymore,” Paul said of the new equipment on Saturday. “This is a pro fight. No-one thinks you can win this fight. No-one that watched that first fight can tell me that KSI is a better boxer, and you know you’re not. I got tired, it was my first fight and there was an adrenaline dump, but you know you don’t stand a chance. And that was when I didn’t know shit.

“Four months of boxing later, Shannon Briggs in my corner, the two-time Heavyweight champion of the world. We are working hard to end this man on November 9.”

“I’m so confident that I can win this fight that I can take a photo with Drake, post it on social media and still win!” said KSI. “Last time around he was telling everyone ‘I’m going to destroy KSI, it’s easy, one round, he sucks’, you were holding onto me for dear life in that last round. He’s the king of chatting shit. I am going in there to KO him, that’s the ultimate aim, it’s boxing.

“I know how he fights and we know what to work on. He doesn’t punch hard. He tagged me but didn’t hurt, I’ve been hit a lot harder than he can hit in sparring, by bigger guys, and still standing. My shots will be harder and my handspeed will show. I never liked the headguards, I’ve got really good head movement, I like slipping shots and making people pay, and that’s what I’m going to do on November 9.”

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