Paul On Boxing Helping His Image

While many in boxing are not taking the main event of November 9th’s Matchroom Boxing card seriously, Logan Paul has decided to live in the gym in spite of it.

“The only problem is that the fight isn’t tonight,” Paul said of his main event fight against KSI, which will air on DAZN from Staples Center.

“I’ve been locked in camp for two and a half months. I haven’t taken a day off for the last year and a half since our last fight. That draw left a nasty taste in my mouth. There is a lot of regimented hard work you have to put in to become a fighter and few people are willing to do it. This is such a hard grueling sport. This is a big fight and it’s the biggest event of my life so there’s no reason that I won’t go as hard as I possibly can every day. Boxing has changed my life and I haven’t even been doing it that long. We call training camp ‘The No Fun Club.’ We aren’t allowed to have fun. We are locked down and it is intense. We have a very routine-based camp.”

“I think the head gear saved him last time,” Paul said of his 2018 fight with KSI that was under amateur rules. “I like throwing hooks and with the headgear, you can’t get to that button. I think that without headgear, the pressure to not get hit is so much higher so it makes my reflexes that much better.”

 “There’s so much on the line between me and KSI. There is so much on the line. Egos, subscribers, the crown of ‘The YouTube King.’ The last match was a draw. If the W is secured in a monumental way, something similar to when Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo, if something like that happens, it is going to be long-lasting form of stardom. There is a stigma that comes along with being an internet star — a YouTuber, an influencer. The narrative of the first fight was that there’s these two YouTubers boxing and now it’s two YouTubers slash professional boxers fighting. But I think that boxing helps get rid of that stigma. People look at you in a different way when you get inside these ropes and put it all on the line.”

Paul is not dogging it in training, utilizing former world heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs has his trainer. “Shannon and I quickly realized that we are the same person,” Paul said of Briggs. “We are both loud, we are boisterous, we are passionate, and we love the sport of boxing. We fight the same way, too. It’s like a crazed speed and power. When he gives me coaching advice it really resonates with me. We are both tall, we both have range and we are quick. It is a match made in heaven.”


Report: Bad Left Hook

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