Paul Talks Fighting For The Sake Of “Content”

YouTuber Logan Paul deals in the currency of controversy and drama. No matter if it is real or manufactured, the Ohio native and his brother have thrived on being audacious and sometimes distasteful.

With all of that in mind, Paul steps into the boxing ring for the first time as a pro on November 9th, riding that wave of internet fame, fortune, and infamy into Staples Center for a rematch with fellow YouTuber, KSI.

“I’m taking it so seriously,” said Paul. “I feel like a f—ing animal. I will transform into an otherworldly creature by fight night. I’m going Goku on these motherf—ers … KSI and I are showmen. We entertain. We create. We happen to also like boxing and beating the sh-t out of each other, which is what we’re going to do. It’s a weird, good combo. It’s great for the content business.”

The two faced off on a YouTube pay-per-view card in 2018 in-front of 15,000 fans inside Manchester Arena in England and 1.2 million viewers. Now on November 9th, the two go from YouTube to DAZN and Paul feels that there is a weight to what he and KSI are doing.

“This is event is a big deal,” Paul said. “You have two villains with the biggest egos and pride in the world, massive followings, just inflated over the last five years with subscribers, money, clout and fame, and they are going to beat the sh-t out of each other, and they actually know how to fight.”

“After our last fight, I asked him in the ring, ‘hey man, can we keep the personal sh-t out of it? The girlfriend, the parents, the brother. Everything crossed the line.’ He said, ‘naw man. That’s what it’s about. It’s a show.’ Ok. Respect. Totally get it. Now, there are no boundaries and I’m probably going to say some f—ed up sh-t. And I’m probably going to be controversial, again. Which sucks … If the kid acts up, I’m going to match his energy.”

Initial Report: Boxing Scene

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