Paul Vs. Diaz Presser Results In A Brawl, Nate Clashes With A Reporter

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz got into a brawl, as security had to separate the two fighters and their entourage, in an attempt to hype up the fight. 

The two fighters will square off on August 5th, 2023, in a crossover event in a ten-rounder at 185 lbs.

Paul is seeking to overcome his loss to Tommy Fury with a strong performance by reverting back to facing MMA fighters.

Meanwhile, Diaz makes his boxing debut. The perception from ‘The Problem Child’ was that Diaz had not done enough to promote the fight.

However, the brawl at the pre-fight presser may have changed that. Diaz was not happy with Paul’s suggestions that he was a bully, as the MMA star lashed out at his advisor, Nakisa Bidarian.

“You know who the bully is? That bouncer right there who I smacked with a beer the last time he thought he was tight. I f****** smacked that b**** in the face. That’s who the bully is. F*** him, f*** you, and f*** MVP.”

That is when Paul replied: “Let’s go. I like it. Nate’s alive. We woke the beast up. Let’s go Nate. I like it. Talk your s, Nate. Talk your s***.”

Subsequently, a brawl emerged as security intervened as Diaz was moved from the area.

Diaz Warns Reporter

That was not the only source of controversy. Diaz confronted Derek Sullivan, an employee of Paul, after he predicted that Nate would be knocked out. 

Sullivan had notoriously asked Diaz if he could fight his brother Nick, which did not go down well in a previous presser. And yet, this time Sullivan brought the same energy.

“Sorry, Derek from Betr Media here, I just wanted to apologise for the last press conference when I asked to fight your brother on the undercard. I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt…”Can’t wait to watch Jake knock you the f*** out,” Sullivan

As a result, Diaz challenged Sullivan to come to the stage for a fight. Although that did not happen, Diaz lost his cool. 

“Ay, bring this little b**** up here or get him the f*** out of here.”.. the respect from all the pussies in this f****** f****t’s camp, motherf*****, that’s the problem.

F****** influencers. This influencer’s a f****** island g** boy because of motherf****** like you, b****. You’re the f****** bad guys and this little f*** right here needs his a** whipped.And f*** your dad too! How about that? F*** your whole s**t,” Diaz

Nevertheless, the social media response suggested that the altercation was staged in order to promote the fight. As such, the boxing fans were not best pleased.

Social Media Reaction

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