Paulie Dares Askren-Sonnen To Box

Paulie Malignaggi has retired from fighting, not retired from talking smack to those who talk smack about him.

The Brooklyn-born boxer was in the main event of BKFC 6 against MMA fighter Artem Lobov, in what many considered to be a winnable fight for Malignaggi. Instead, Malignaggi would break his hand early in the fight and not find a way to stop Lobov from landing key strikes and then taking a unanimous decision victory.

Caught up in the afterglow, MMA fighters/analysts Ben Askren and Chael Sonnen, made light of the situation, with Sonnen going as far to say that boxing is not a real sport.

“Literally, if you listen to any of their analysis, you got Chael Sonnen talking about how boxing is not a sport, this guy just walked in and beat me,” Malignaggi vented to Counter Punch Boxing. Chael, cuz, you not that old, bro. Go and do it. Go and do it, bro. Go and do it. Go fight any light heavyweight in the world,” Malignaggi continued.

“Ben Askren, the same sh*t. I did it with one hand. I did it with half a hand. And I did it bare knuckle. Go and do it. Go put on gloves if it’s not that hard.

“Because you know we make more than you guys. You know we get paid more than you. You know that already. So come in. Come and do it, cuz! It’s that easy? Go make your money!”

Transcribed by Boxing Scene

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