Paulo Costa Might Leave The UFC

Former title challenger Paulo Costa is about to fight the former champion, Robert Whittaker. However, he said many times that it is not official.

As it turned out, Costa did not renew the contract with the UFC because he expected UFC to raise his salary.

Costa also mentioned in his Instagram posts that he might fight in boxing, too, and cleared many times that his fight with one of the best middleweights is not official.

“I haven’t renewed with the UFC. I had a talk with Hunter. He was supposed to get back to me. I asked him about a figure and he was supposed to give me an answer about it. I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Anything is possible. I have one fight left and I’m not very sure. I’ve got some lawyers looking at the contract, seeing how it works, because it can also be terminated over time. Maybe I don’t even need to fight to finish my contract,” he said.

“We need to know how to take care of our stuff and the UFC contract is business.

”I need to be aware of how it works so I don’t make a mistake, I need to make the most out of it. I have one fight left or the time clause. I believe that’s it, but I’m still talking to my lawyers.

Costa had some tough times in the UFC. That all started when he suffered a loss against Israel Adesanya and was reportedly hungover during the fight.

After that, almost a year later, his fight with Marvin Vettori was scheduled, and he was not able to cut the weight.

He held the bout in the light heavyweight division and held a war against the Italian Dream but could not earn the victory. 

In the latest fight, he shared the octagon with Luke Rockhold. Both fighters were too close to finishing the fight early, but fans were lucky enough to witness three rounds.

“I’d really like if this Whittaker fight could happen, but it’s up to the UFC. There’s no contract yet, there’s nothing. I wish there was a contract up to par to the level of this fight,” Costa added.

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