Penn Knocked Out In Hawaii Bar Fight

UPDATE: In a video released late on Wednesday afternoon, Penn is seen being dropped by the person he’d been fighting with.

After trying to shoot a single leg takedown, Penn would move back and offer the much larger foe a free shot, with the man landing a right-left combination that sent the 40-year-old former champion to the floor for a moment, while his opponent was dragged away.

This was not the first time the two had words for one another, as friends of Penn confirmed that the other man was known for taunting and baiting Penn for a fight.

The person in the fight with Penn also spoke to the gossip website, claiming the footage below is after he knocked out Penn, and that the Hawaii native hit him with a cheap shot, sending him to the ground.


B.J. Penn has not had a great year.

The 40-year-old former UFC champion and current UFC Hall of Famer, was filmed brutally beating a man following an altercation in a bar.

Penn and friends were drinking at the Lava Shack on the Big Island on August 27th and then ended up not only fighting a stranger but taking him down into a mount hooking his legs into the person and punching him in the face.

As seen in the video sent to TMZ, Penn is walloping the man while a crowd surrounded them, the bar’s security attempted to pull him off and an unknown woman kicking at Penn.

Per TMZ, no charges have yet to be filed against Penn for this fight, or the fight he had at a strip club in June.

Penn is still set as of this moment to fight Nik Lentz at some date in the future.

Initial Report: TMZ

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