Perry Blasts Borg For Pulling From UFC Denver

Mike Perry takes on Donald Cerrone in the co-main event of UFC Denver on Saturday night, with bad blood boiling between the current JacksonWink product and Cerrone who left JacksonWink earlier this year.

This issues have created discord between various current and former members of the camp and emboldened Perry to call out Ray Borg for pulling out of the November 10th card.

“He’s not fighting on this card? Aw man, that illness is, man . . .” Perry said. “He got caught, bro. He was talking s**t about Frank the Tank [JacksonWink striking coach Frank Lester] on his wife’s Instagram story in the background. We heard him talking. ‘I don’t like Frank the Tank. I don’t think he’s a good coach’ and this and that, and he don’t know nothing about Frank. He’s just a f***ing hater and that’s why his b*tch-ass ain’t showing up this week to f***ing fight like a man. Sick, you come down with illness. B*tch you scared!”

Perry’s arrival  to JacksonWink and Cerrone offering to fight him on the Denver card on short notice has caused chaos within the gym, with Cerrone asking for Perry to not train for their fight there due to Cerrone’s tenure with the group. Head coach/co-founder Mike Winkeljohn would side with Perry and blame Cerrone for ruining the team and being  “narcissistic.

“He was there, he was training, he’s still there I guess,” Perry said of Borg.

“The gym is very, there’s a lot people. As a fighter you may go to a gym but I have my plan on how I train, when I train, the times that I train, the people that I train with. . . So we don’t really see all the people all the time. I see Ray Borg a few times but then it’s been like he’s on Cowboy’s n**s and he was hating on Frank and s**t and ever since he got caught hating on Frank, there’s been this fog in the air. And he don’t say s**t. I don’t think I’ve ever said two words to Ray Borg.”

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