Perry Gets Surgery For Broken Nose

Both Vicente Luque and Mike Perry put on a show last night at UFC Uruguay. In the end, they were rewarded for their efforts, especially Luque, who won by split decision.

Perry (13-5) got the worst of the damage sustained, suffering from a severe broken nose. Medical attention was brought to him several times during the bout.

According to ESPN, Perry had successful surgery Sunday morning to fix the busted nose. He is expected to be in the hospital for the next few days according to his manager Abraham Kawa, with no timetable on his return. There is also no word on the medical suspension he will receive.

During the bout, Luque hit a late knee to the face of Perry, busting it open. He used that to his advantage, relying on the leak to slow Perry down. Despite the damage, Perry was able to convince one of the judges he won the fight.

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