Pettis Reveals Broken Nose

When Anthony Pettis was last seen in the octagon, he wasn’t just fighting Stephen Thompson, he was also battling a broken nose in the fight.

Pettis revealed to ESPN that he suffered a broken nose in the fight against Thompson, which took place on March 23. Pettis won the fight by second-round knockout. His doctors said he did not need surgery but must rest for four-to-six weeks.

Although Pettis hasn’t been cleared to compete, he is already targeting a return to the octagon for this summer, but the date, venue and opponent has not been revealed yet nor is it being discussed at this moment. Pettis moved up in weight to welterweight fight Thompson, becoming the third fighter in UFC history to win a fight in three different weight classes, joining Conor McGregor and Kenny Florian.

Original Story: ESPN

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