PFL Announces Its Own Uniform Policy

A little less than a month ahead of its first event under a new format, the Professional Fighters League (PFL; formerly the World Series of Fighting) has established its own uniform policy.

As reported by MMA Fighting, fighters in the PFL will have more control over their sponsors, unlike the UFC’s Reebok uniform policy.

“We wanted to give the fighters the opportunity to continue to build their brand and sponsors while also creating a clean, professional look for the launch of the 2018 season,” PFL president Carlos Silva said.

PFL fighters will also, unlike the UFC deal, not have to pay a sponsorship tax. Fighters were asked to submit their sponsors on Thursday for approval from the promotion.

The following below are the rules each camp received for the policy back in March.

1. Each fighter is allowed to feature only two sponsors.

2. Sponsor logos can only be placed on specific locations.

3. PFL will outfit and supply each fighter with official competition gloves and shorts for all league fight events throughout the regular season, playoffs and championship.

4. Fighters will be required to wear PFL’s official gloves and shorts in addition to apparel and headwear worn during all league fight/events including fight walk ins and weigh-ins.

5. PFL will grant each fighter the right to sell up to two sponsors to receive logo placement on official competition shorts.

6. Fighters will be permitted to feature up to two sponsor logos on all weigh-in and walk-in apparel and headwear provided sponsor logos are consistent with their competitive short sponsors.

7. Fighters will have the opportunity to change sponsors and logos three times throughout the season: Once before the regular season,
 once before the playoffs and once before the championship.

8. All Fighter sponsor logo integration must adhere to the PFL’s sponsor
 logo size and placement specifications, approval and embellishment process.

9. PFL will be responsible for all embellishment of fighter sponsor logos.

10. PFL to provide fighter with sponsorship sales materials.

11. PFL reserves the right to feature up to two logos of official league brand partners on fighter competition shorts including performance apparel/shirt provider.

12. PFL brand/and of its sports performance apparel partner logo to be featured on fighter competition shorts.

13. PFL nor its broadcast/media partners will permit any fighter sponsor signage boards or banners of any kind in and around the cage prior to, during or following official fights nor at walk-ins or weigh ins.

13. PFL reserves the right to outfit fighter corners.

14. Sponsorship categories not permitted include but are not limited to: vape, tobacco, condoms, pornography and gambling.

The PFL’s first event will take place on June 7 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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