PFL Co-Founder Praises Kayla Harrison, Reveals Future Plans With Her

Donn Davis, one of the PFL co-founders, talked about the power of Kayla Harrison, who has been improving the promotion.

Davis said the promotion has 33% of UFC’s audience, which he described as impressive because they have been on the market for four years.

“Think of that, that’s insane. This is only our fourth year and they’re in their 30th year, and we’re a third of their viewing audience per event,” Davis told MMA Junkie.

PFL has been growing as one of the bigger names among MMA promotions.

One of the brightest stars of women’s MMA is none other than Harrison, the undefeated fighter who decided to stay with the PFL after shopping around with Bellator and UFC.

Having fighters like Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and Jeremy Stephens on the roster also attracts the audience because they have always been fan-favorite fighters.

The promotion is working on the brand name with several projects, and one of the projects is competitions, where winners will be able to participate in a Grand Prix for $1 million.

“The brand awareness is where we have to improve on,” Davis said. “

Everyone who watches us, doesn’t leave. They keep watching. But if you walk in, as I always do, to a Chick-fil-a to get my iced tea or my chicken sandwich, or my Verizon store to pick my new iPad, not as many people have heard of the PFL as they should.”

“So, how do we improve and enhance brand awareness? This is our top of mind. The quality of the product is there, the viewing audience is growing 50% a year, the distribution is there. But the brand in our fourth year, you know, we’re still in middle school. We have work to do.”

Davis revealed their plans for Harrison.

“Kayla’s gonna move to pay-per-view in 2023,” Davis said.

“She’s gonna be our first pay-per-view star. We’ve already signed her to be the first fighter in the pay-per-view superfight division and we’re gonna actively make fights for her starting 2023.”

Davis also said that fans should “stay tuned.”

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