PFL Secures Over $100 Million Investment, Sells Stake To Saudi Arabia PIF Branch

The PFL has reportedly received over $100 million in investment after selling a stake in the company to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF).

According to reports, the PFL sold a minority stake to SRJ Sports Investments. The latter only came into being three weeks ago after being created by the PIF.

The details of the agreement meant that over $100 million was invested, as Saudi Arabia becomes more involved in combat sports.

The PIF certainly has plenty of finances to play with, given that it is allegedly worth $700 billion, with resources linking to several sports such as formula one, boxing, and WWE.

Not only that, but the PIF has also made an impression in the Premier League after they acquired 80 percent in Newcastle United as well as setting up the LIV Golf.

With that being said, the PFL founder Donn Davis has revealed the ambitious plans of the PFL moving forward.

“PFL’s mission is to become the global co-leader in MMA with our fighter-first mission and disruptive sport-season format. This investment by SRJ continues the monumental growth that PFL has experienced throughout the world, and there is no better partner in global sports than SRJ,” Donn Davis

The news will only go on to strengthen the PFL, as the UFC and Bellator will have pressure to deliver the best value for MMA fans.

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