PFL’s CEO Peter Murray Has Big Plans For A ‘Champions League Of MMA’

PFL’s CEO Peter Murray has announced the organization’s plans for a ‘Champions League of MMA.’

Those big plans follow the recent expansion of the brand, which has been shown by the $100 million-plus investment from the Saudi Investment Public Fund through SRJ Sports Investments. That move has also been backed up by the big-name signing of Francis Ngannou to the organization. And following the UFC’s merger with WWE to form TKO Group Holdings, Inc, the PFL’s plans are to create a global MMA organization to rival the very best.

“Our global expansion is well underway. We’ll have six regional leagues up and running between now and 2026. We already have PFL Europe, successfully. Its inaugural season is underway. Our last event in Paris just three weeks ago was the most viewed MMA event on television in France’s history.

“That (another regional league) is PFL MENA, in partnership with SRJ, our strategic partner on a global and regional basis. (We’re) very excited about the build. Then towards 2025, we will launch PFL Australia and PFL Africa … And then in 2026, we will launch PFL Brazil and PFL Asia. We are in late-stage finalization of strategic partnerships, both in Australia and Africa. What I’m telling you is not an aspiration; it is a global strategy that we are in the process of executing and building,” Murray said

And in order to do that, there has been a focus on expanding in the Middle East. The PFL currently has two- Saudi fighters on their roster: Abdullah Al-Qahtani and Mostafa Rashed Neda. However, the plan is to increase the sport in the region in the hope of developing more talent, which will draw in a bigger demand to see the PFL’s product. As of now, the PFL will stage 34 shows next year, with the aim of increasing to 50 in the next three years.

“It’s part of our vision and strategy. So (the) PFL MENA roster that we will announce (for) 2024 will have the best fighters from the Middle East, including Saudi fighters competing in our regular season playoff and championship format. We’ll also have women fighters on every card and (will be) developing women in the sport throughout the region, in the Middle East. We have a very specific strategy to sign and develop some of the best fighters who are Saudi-based,” Murray

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