Phil Baroni May Face Lengthy Prison Sentence

He was arrested last week and faces a murder charge.

Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni was arrested as he was termed ‘suspicious’ of murdering a woman in Mexico. He is currently undergoing a charge of aggravated femicide.

According to ESPN Deportes’ Carlos Contreras Legaspi, Baroni’s MMA experience could result in further consequences if found guilty.

“State of Nayarit’s General Prosecturo tells me that the “aggravated femicide” sentence can go from 50 to 75 years because it’s evident [Baroni] used his ‘pro fighter skills’ to cause injury on the victim,” wrote Contreras Legaspi.

Reports also reveal that the American has secured a private attorney.

According to his statement, he brought the woman to the bathtub and assaulted her, which resulted in fatal injuries. Prosecutors believe that there was evidence of violence on the body from top to bottom.

Furthermore, the reports state that the victim’s sister observed prior injuries to the woman, which are said to be caused by Baroni. The sister wanted to inform the authorities, but was reportedly afraid of the American’s temper.

Baroni is currently located at the Venustiano Carranza State Jail. There are chances that he will be moved to the El Rincon Federal Prison.

Femicide has been part of Mexico’s criminal code since 2010. The rule came on the back of countless sexual violence, torture, abductions and murders against women.

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