Photos Show Colby Covington’s Chipped Tooth, Jorge Masvidal Questions ‘Brain Injury’ Claim

New images appear to show how badly chipped Colby Covington’s tooth got after the alleged street attack by rival Jorge Masvidal.

But Covington is claiming he suffered from brain injury, not just a chipped tooth. Masvidal’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, however, argued that the photos show no such thing.

“Interestingly, the images do not demonstrate an injury aside from a small chip in C.C.’s fake tooth,” Cohen wrote in his request for medical records.

“The evidence collected thus far clearly contradicts C.C.’s allegations. C.C. claims that Defendant hit him from behind. Exclusive footage shows that during the incident, C.C. was facing the individual he identified as Defendant. In fact, C.C. was looking at Defendant head-on prior to taking the hit then appears to run from Defendant in fear.”

The video Cohen reference was not immediately available.

Masvidal’s attorney also included photos of Covington’s recent social media post and a picture from UFC 272, which is when Covington and Masvidal went toe-to-toe in the octagon.

Covington won that fight by unanimous decision, following a bitter lead up to the pay-per-view event.

He stated that a brain injury did occur, that an independent medical exam be done before it healed.

“Given the State and C.C.’s allegations — paired with the fact that C.C. is a professional fighter who is prone to repeated physical injury — Defendant requires access to C.C.’s prior medical records to properly defend himself against the charges in this matter,” Cohen wrote.

“Specifically, to ascertain how a single punch to C.C.’s jaw induced the brain damage when C.C.’s profession as a fighter exposes him to such injury periodically.”

“Given that the alleged injury is not only vague, but the victim here is a professional fighter, the undersigned notes that a mental examination may be needed due to the ambiguity of the allegations.”

“A mental examination may also be required to address if C.C. is competent to proceed in this matter or if he is rendered incompetent due to the nature of his ‘brain injury.’”

Masvidal was recently ordered to stay at least 25 feet away from Covington at all times. Masvidal pleaded not guilty to a pair opf charges, aggravted battery and criminal mischief.

His next court date is May 12.

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