Piers Morgan Exposes Conor Benn’s Innocence Claims-‘It’s Not Absolutely Unequivocal’

Piers Morgan challenged Conor Benn’s assertion of being proven innocent by the WBC.

Benn was found to have clomiphene, a prohibited substance that enhances performance, in his system on two occasions after being tested months apart.

Despite this, the welterweight from Britain allegedly claims that the testing process was flawed, resulting in inaccurate results. He reportedly attributes the adverse findings to incompetence on the part of those conducting the tests.

Benn submitted a 270-page report to the WBC as evidence but was informed that his excessive intake of eggs may have played a role in the detection of small amounts of the drug.

Morgan was informed by Benn during the interview that he did not use the eggs as his argument for being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Benn’s reinstatement into the rankings of the WBC, though, was solely based on the lack of evidence indicating that he intentionally consumed clomiphene.

As a result, Morgan chose to confront Benn in the most direct way during their appearance on ‘Piers Uncensored,’ leaving no room for ambiguity.

“I wouldn’t say you’ve been proven innocent. They said there was no conclusive evidence. It’s not absolutely unequivocal [that] you’re definitely innocent. But it’s certainly not unhelpful,” Morgan

Morgan had queried Benn as to why he did not release or submit the dossier to either the British Boxing Board of Control or the UK Anti-Doping Agency, both of whom are currently conducting an investigation.

Benn appears to suggest that the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) may be holding a grudge against him, which could be related to his father, Nigel Benn’s, actions during his career. After all, the latter did tear up his license on TV.  

However, it is crucial for Benn to demonstrate that he has not been involved in any wrongdoing. Benn’s choice to withdraw his plans of fighting under the primary governing body in his native country is causing doubt about his innocence.

Benn is considering seeking licensing to fight in Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi, shifting his focus to the Middle East.

He is also exploring the possibility of facing off against Manny Pacquiao in the summer. But that only went on to harm him in the court of public opinion. 

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