Pitbull Brothers Are Ready To Take Over The Lightweight Division

One of the most successful fighters in Bellator history, Patricio Freire, just vacated his Bellator lightweight title to allow his brother,  Patricky, to win the belt. Instead, he plans to focus on the featherweight division and recapture the  title.

“We arrived on Sunday here in Dublin and as far as we could see around the hotel area there was a lot of excitement for the event. But they won’t have good memories after this weekend. I can guarantee Patricky is in the best shape ever. For the first time, he did a complete camp for a title fight. In the past, he stepped in as a replacement on short notice.”

This battle will be held in Dublin, Ireland, which is supposed the be a huge advantage for the native Peter Queally. However, the Pitbull brothers think that the crowd won’t affect Patricky Freire at all.

“That’s nothing new for us. We have been fighting for Bellator for more than 10 years and during all this time we always had the audience against us,” Patricio said. “We always looked at that as additional pressure for our opponents, who will be afraid to disappoint family and fans.

“During this camp we worked a lot on both physical and psychological matters. Patrick is ready for a war,” Patricio added. “He is fighting six rounds better than he used to do three rounds. You can bet the belt will move only 500 meters, from my house to his.”

He also mentioned that he did not receive any offer from Bellator about his rematch with newly-crowned A.J McKee.

“McKee complained when I vacated the lightweight title. I don’t understand his point,” Freire said. “Before doing that, I proposed a rematch with him at a catchweight, with the winner taking both the featherweight and lightweight belts, and he didn’t accept. But we will fight anyway. I’m just waiting for a call from Bellator.”


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