Plant Reveals Why He Hit Charlo After The Spence-Crawford Weigh-In

Caleb Plant has revealed the reason why he hit Jermall Charlo after the weigh-in for Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford.

The duo were involved in an altercation that got out of hand very quickly. In the video here, we can see that Plant slaps Charlo as security has to break up the two fighters to prevent things from escalating further. 

The reason for the incident was not apparent at the time. However, before it happened, Plant was heard stating: “Don’t you ever grab me by my motherf****in’ face again like that, boy.”

And now Plant has given the reasons for his reaction. ‘Sweet Hands’ alleged that Charlo had pulled his beard on numerous occasions.

Although Plant had reportedly warned him not to do so, Charlo continued in front of Plant, his wife and his friends. As a result, Plant felt he had no choice but to set Charlo straight. 

“You know, grown man touch another grown man in his face, pulling on his beard real hard, and you know, I’ve got the decency to tell you not to do that again…And you know the only thing you can reply is with, [that] ‘I’m a b**ch-ass white boy. 

“I got my wife standing right behind me and I’m in a room full of my peers. I mean, what do you do? You’re making it real hard on a guy…“He kept touching me in my face. And I told him knock that s**t off, but he wouldn’t listen. I’m tryna to be left the f— alone, I know that,” Plant

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