Played By The UFC? Dustin Poirier Hints To Nate Diaz On Social Media

It looks like Dustin Poirier is telling Nate Diaz that the UFC is telling him false information about their bout.

Poirier and Diaz were supposed to share the octagon at UFC 230 in 2018. But due to Poirier’s hip injury, this fight has never happened.

Both fighters have continued their MMA career in their own way, but they continue to exchange words over social media.

Tweets on Thursday made it look like the two agreed to fight, but still, nothing has materialized.

But, according to another tweet Thursday, Diaz was told that Poirier was afraid of sharing the octagon with him.

“I knew you were a P—-, B—ch, that’s 2-0,” Diaz wrote.

Poirier responded, “They’re lying and you’re getting played.”

The last time Poirier graced the octagon from inside at UFC 264 where he defeated Conor McGregor in their trilogy fight.

For Diaz, he last shared the octagon with Leon Edwards at UFC 263, which he ultimately lost. Diaz is in his two-fight losing streak against Leon and Jorge Masvidal.

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